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Do B2B Industries Need to Worry About Social Media in 2017?

5 Sep


In the United States, it is no longer socially acceptable for a viable business to consider email as a primary source of outreach. This is especially true in a niche industry such as building materials – make one person angry, and it could affect business with many partners. Countries outside of the United States are actually drawing the curtains on traditional outreach methods in a legal way. Canada and the EU define hard penalties for companies who are found to be in defiance of this new social norm.

With traditional outreach and mass platforms on the decline, at least for businesses, social outreach will certainly continue to experience growth in the near future. Social media has been identified as a core hub for big data and cost-effective trend analysis, even without the clamps being placed on other sources of outreach.

Do B2B industries need to worry about social media in 2017? The short answer is yes. Here are the specific reasons why:

Opportunities to Improve the Customer Experience

CX (the customer experience) is the new UI. CX is now the centerpiece of most successful social media initiatives from B2B companies. The best part – if you are highly focused on CX, you will be ahead of the curve, especially in the building materials industry.

Customers, especially large clients, love personalized service. They demand it. They are also looking for highly intuitive communications with you, even if that communication is knowingly automated. Your brand messaging must be consistent, especially if the customer is sitting at the beginning of the sales funnel.

If you have yet to solidify the connection between your major social media accounts, do so right away. Your landing page should move nicely into your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. NOTE: If one of the major social media hubs does not work for your company for some reason, it is better to get rid of it completely rather than have a dead channel on your hands.

Investments in More Interactive Content

Modern marketing is more visual than ever, and most of these visuals are not as static or 2D as they used to be. More B2B companies are investing in interactive content than ever before. Content that reaches out and grabs the viewer obviously has a positive impact on engagement. The overall result is a heightened priority on indirect marketing vehicles such as livestreams, blogs and interactive product demos over webinars.

The overwhelming majority of customers enjoy interactive content at all levels of the sales funnel. However, interactive content can be expensive to produce, and its rollout is usually slower. You will need to focus on social media to find the best opportunities to employ strong visuals and interactivity. You can also focus your efforts on your best customers through social media, ensuring that your ROI for more expensive marketing remains high.

Qualifying Better Leads

Customers basically give away their souls on social media. If your CMO knows how to collect and interpret data, you will be able to screen for qualified customers more diligently than ever. Converting your social leads will only become more important as email and other mass forms of outreach become less effective.

The most successful companies in the next five years will understand intimately how social media marketing translates into new leads, legacy customers and the bottom line. Get ready for increased investments in social as time goes on.

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New Content Marketing Ideas for the Rest of 2017

18 Jul


B2B marketing is becoming more about hard data than ever before. Forget the vanity metrics – the content marketing that you invoke should be cost and time efficient, focused on the data, and directed by modern standards. Here are some of the best marketing ideas for your business to take you through 2017.

Help Customers Instead of Selling Them

You are already dealing with a longer sales cycle when it comes to B2B. Lead nurturing is essential to success, so don’t even try to close any deals on initial interaction. This is the time to showcase your self as an expert in your field. Eventually, your target customers will convince themselves they need you.

In the first stages of your sales funnel, focus on giving value to the most important buyer types in your profiles. Make sure that you are putting yourself forward as a transparent individual and your business as an authoritative solutions provider. This will make your customers more likely to convert when it is actually time to put all cards on the table.

Pick Up on Long Tail Keyword Variants

There is no need to jostle for the top spot on Google with your industry’s leader. They likely have a marketing budget that dwarfs yours, and they will be able to simply buy you out of any position for generic keywords. Use your industry niche to focus your keyword ranking efforts in a more specific direction.

The advantages of longtail keywords are numerous and immense. However, you must be sure that you are looking for the appropriate kind of results. You will generate less overall search volume, but the volume that you do generate will be more qualified.

Focus on Interactive Content

Making sure that your blogs rank, even with longtail keywords can be difficult if you are not using interactive content. This may cost a bit more, and you may not be able to spread the word to as many prospects, but that is exactly the point. You will have to focus your buyer’s profiles and fixate your efforts on specific customers, which will give you better results in the end.

Interactive content also ensures more personalized content to more qualified leads. You will be able to promote your content directly to those accounts rather than trying to come up with marketing slogans that fit everyone. Believe it or not, the former is easier than the latter.

Focus Your CTAs on Information Grabs

One of the most important aspects of any B2B marketing campaign is the notion of customers opting in. At some point, you must convince your customers that it’s their decision to choose you rather than the other way around. One of the best ways to do this is to gradually take your customers step-by-step through gradually more in-depth information grabs.

Although all you really need is an email to start, from there, you can continue to provide value through newsletters, viral videos and other exclusive content. Properly deployed, these tactics will have your prospects looking forward to your emails. They may eventually forget how they got in touch with you – all they know is that right now, you are an essential part of their world. This is where sales come from.

The tips above will certainly give your marketing campaign a boost if employed in tandem. Keep your ear to the street for new marketing techniques that will show themselves as the B2B market evolves.

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