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Content Marketing Best Practices for 2017

13 Feb



With 2017 here, it’s time to take a look at the content marketing best practices that should guide your strategy development for the year. By keeping these guidelines in mind, you can better achieve your marketing goals for the year.

  1. Marketing with a purpose

Of course your primary goal with marketing is to generate sales, but have you narrowed  down exactly how you are hoping to do so? What is the purpose of the content that is on your website? Once you define the emotions that you want your content to bring out in the visitors that come to your website, then you’ll need to be purposeful about making sure that it does exactly that.

  1. Video dominates

Content marketing encompasses a range of mediums, and the video portion is poised to expand once again. Instead of simply focusing on making viral videos this year, hop on the livestreaming trend. Sites like YouTube and Facebook make it easy to connect with visitors as an event is unfolding. Posting the video to your website afterwards ensures that the information is there as a resource later as well.

  1. Storytelling reinvents content marketing

Content marketing has always been about telling the story of how your product or service can address a need or desire that your visitor has. The way this is achieved can vary from informative to entertaining. Combining elements into a story format helps draw your visitors in. Intersperse the content with details that are relatable to those people who are most likely to benefit from what you have to offer. Sketch out a problem, grapple with trying to find different solutions and finally introduce your product or service. These points provide your audience with the connection they need to recognize that you offer them a viable solution.

  1. Content goes mobile

2017 isn’t the first year that content has gone mobile, of course; however, it’s likely that this will be the year that more content is digested by users on their mobile devices. This means your content has to meet several criteria. Not only does it need to be formatted to be easy to skim, it also needs to be engaging enough to make on-the-go users want to view it. In fact, your whole website needs to be mobile friendly or else your audience will go elsewhere.

Combining these four best practices for content marketing in your strategy for 2017 will set your business up for success. At ER Marketing, we develop strategies that deliver the results you envision. Are you ready to make 2017 the year your business scales success? Contact ER Marketing and explore their core competencies to find out how they can help.

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Plan Towards Innovation

3 Jun

 Stand out from the crowd

Create a New Future with Innovation-Focused Strategy

As most marketers navigating the building supply channel know, strategy and innovation go hand in hand. I’ve discussed in past articles how creativity can play an important role in innovation, but often overlooked is the strategy that goes into actually implementing the changes necessary to make a creative innovation a reality.

A recent article by Vijay Govindarajan describes this dynamic between innovation and strategy – specifically, how innovation should always inform strategy-making.

Govindarajan suggests that there are four key factors to consider with innovative strategy-making:

  • Know Your Industry – It’s not enough to assume that the same strategies that innovated faster-paced, larger industry will work in a smaller, slower one. Some innovations can take a decade, while others can take ten decades. Don’t confuse the two.
  • Innovation Is Complex – Innovation can be linear or non-linear, which is to say: in line with current business practices or deviating slightly from current business practices. But as Govindarajan points out, these linear or non-linear business practices can also unfold into even more complex layers with incremental or radical innovation: happening over time or overhauling a pre-established system in a sudden, disruptive manner. Whatever the innovation you’re considering, make sure to know the implications.
  • Just Do It – If an idea gets pushed down the table time and time again, it’s a money drain. Plus, the more times it gets pushed down the table, the greater the likelihood that it will eventually fall off the table entirely. You can talk about an idea or even set strategy all you want, but there’s something to be said for actually making it happen.
  • Innovation Isn’t Top Down – Folks at the bottom tend to know customers better – use their knowledge to set strategy that disrupts the status quo. In fact, Govindarajan argues that senior-level employees have often played such a key role in the setting status quo, which makes it difficult for them to consider an innovation that could disrupt past ways of doing things.

For more information, give Govindarajan’s article a read.

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