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4 Demand Generation Strategies for Building Materials Manufacturers

4 Jul


As a building materials manufacturer, your business needs solid demand generation strategies. Demand generation can be boiled down to targeted programs that are designed to spark interest and drive awareness of your brand, its services and products. The following demand generation strategies provide a solid blueprint:

1. Social media marketing

Marketing using social media is not just for B2C companies anymore. With the popularity of such social outlets, nearly all companies – such as building materials manufacturers – benefit from a focused social media strategy. This is because 100 percent of the decision makers in these businesses uses social media to accomplish their work goals. Be sure that your focus is on capturing those decision makers by building their trust and providing them with the information they need and want. 

2. Inbound marketing and your website

Not only does your website provide a place where these decision makers can learn more about what you have to offer, contact you for further information, or order building materials from you, it also offers you valuable insight as well. You’ll be able to observe the digital pathways that fuel your audience. Using blog posts, content offers, and other tactics can reveal their pain points, interests, preferences, and other vital information. 

3. Content marketing

Any strategy that involves marketing building materials – whether introducing a new product, moving slow-selling stock, or any other purpose – needs to have solid content behind it. The content you have on your website and on your social media platforms has an effect on those who see it. Well-written, informative, and entertaining content captures a viewer’s interest and addresses their pain points. 

4. Lead nurturing

When you hear the word “lead” in association with your business, do you equate it with “sale?” While the object of the interaction with a lead is to convert them to a sale, it’s important to educate and inform them in a way that addresses their needs. This non-sales focused response helps to build trust so that your leads see you as an expert in the building materials industry. By offering relevant content to your leads over a period of time, you can set your company up to be the one they turn to when your leads are ready to buy. 

Demand generation is all about giving your audience what they want so your business will come to mind when they need building materials for their next job. Carefully tweaking your strategy over time ensures you get the results you need. 

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4 Ways Building Materials Manufacturers Can Benefit From a Blog

9 May



Businesses that don’t have a blog are not taking advantage of all the opportunities that this powerful marketing tool can offer. Even manufacturers of building materials can use their blog to reach out to new target audiences and grow their profits. Even if you don’t know much about blogging, these four reasons will convince you it’s necessary for your business. 

1. Connect with Customers

Blogs can provide means of connecting with customers and building relationships. This is especially true if you allow others to comment on your blog posts. Tying your blog topics to items that are in the news or that are trending means that people who are searching for that topic are more likely to find your website. 

Be sure to follow up on any comments and/or questions from readers in a timely manner. Answering succinctly and in a manner that is easy for the average person to understand shows good customer service and helps build relationships. 

2. Gain Authority

Your blog needs a purpose, like being a vehicle for imparting high-quality information that your audience can use.  Posting well-written blogs can help you gain a distinctive voice of authority within your industry. It’s important to refrain from directly selling to your audience when you write blog posts. 

While this might sound difficult, it doesn’t have to be – if you keep in mind that you are trying to be informative rather than sell. For example, instead of simply pointing out that you sell several different types of a particular building material, outline the benefits of each one in a way that makes it easy for your readers to choose the right one for their needs. 

3. Reach a Different Demographic

Think about your ideal customer that is most likely to purchase your products. Now visualize what the next generation of your customers is doing right now. Chances are that last demographic is online a great deal. Tapping into that up-and-coming customer base is crucial to ensuring the continued success of your business. 

4. You Stay Informed

One of the least well-known – but most important – reasons for maintaining a blog for your business is that it forces you to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in your industry. Blogging about trending topics gives your business a stance of authority which you will have earned since you needed to research the topic before blogging about it. 

Don’t let this marketing tool sit idle any longer, take advantage of all the opportunities blogging can bring your business. Put these four tips into practice in your upcoming blog posts and let us know if they work for you by reaching out to us at here.





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