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Online Blogging is Essential for Businesses of Every Type

8 Aug


There is a common misconception that online blogs are meant for opinionated and self-righteous individuals who desire attention. Though the web’s most popular blogs were once dominated by such individuals, blogs have progressed into an important inbound marketing method. Every business should have a blog. It serves as an important bridge that connects your company to clients as well as prospective business partners.

Blogs Catalyze Recall and Rapport

It is not enough to float out the occasional inbound or outbound ad and expect it to forge meaningful bonds with clients. A deeper connection is necessary. One way to develop such a connection is through a consistently updated blog. Use your blog to show clients that your business is interested in improving their lives or businesses and establish a rapport. Just as important is the establishment of higher recall. Knowledge provided through blog posts really does help establish your brand and boost recall. Heightened rapport and recall gradually culminate in brand loyalty.

Blogs are the Gift That Keeps on Giving

A blog that is regularly updated with keyword-laden content will reap rewards in the days, weeks, months and years to come. Plenty of prospective customers, business clients and others who can obtain utility or enjoyment from your services or products will find your blog online through search engines. Others will land on your blog after finding links to your blog entries placed in your social media content, website and other online avenues. People will likely search the web and find links to your online blog long beyond the points in time when blog entries are made. As long as your blog entries are optimized for search engines, your posts have the potential to be read far into the future. This is the widespread exposure your business needs to attract a steady stream of clients as time progresses.

A Viral Blog Post is a Low Cost Means of Marketing

If your blog posts are particularly intriguing, they will inspire some readers to share the content with their friends, family, co-workers and others. It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in. If you are capable of generating insightful content or finding writers who create intriguing blog posts, these entries will be shared. If the number of shares reaches a tipping point, the blog post will go viral and spread across social media and other spheres. Such exposure will boost perception of your brand and undoubtedly spike your sales.

Blog Posts Generate Traffic to Your Company’s Website

Every business can benefit from an uptick in traffic to their website and social media pages. Hubspot reports 60 percent of the brands that regularly blogs acquires more customers than those lacking active blogs. Captivating blog content delivered on a consistent basis will inevitably drive prospective clients to your online content. This is especially true for blog content that is optimized for search engines. Your company’s blog has incredible potential to redirect traffic to your website, online store, social media pages and other online pages regardless of the services or products you sell. Actively post new content to your blog and it will send plenty of online traffic your way.

Blogs Add a Professional Touch to Your Website

Every business is tasked with proving its legitimacy, authority and expertise to potential clients and business partners. Posting well-written blog entries with insightful information, industry updates and other interesting information related to the company’s industry goes a long way in establishing the business as being led by true professionals. This is especially true of a blog that offers readers useful information. After all, businesses exist to solve problems. If your blog helps customers solve clients’ problems or improve their businesses or lives in some way, they will be inclined to view the company in a positive light.

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5 Elements of a Successful Building Material Company’s Blog

25 May


Businesses that blog reap countless benefits including boosting your brand’s exposure. This includes 55% more visitors and 434% more pages indexed by search engines. 89% of businesses that have multiple posts each day on their blogs reported acquiring more customers. But blogging effectively means knowing the right elements to include in your blog. 

1. High-Quality Content

Content that provides advice and guidance can influence your site visitors in a positive way. The purpose of content marketing is to facilitate the production of high-quality content in such as way that generates leads while increasing sales. 

2. Add Visual Aids

Think of visual aids as a complementing the content that is on your blog. Not only are videos, images, infographics, gifs and the like more stimulating to your viewers, they can help visitors understand the meaning of your posts more easily. The bottom line is that your blog needs good visual aids in order to be fully appreciated by those people who are on your blog. 

3. Social Media

Did you know that the role of social media for businesses today is to raise brand awareness? Posts that are shared, boosted, or promoted can acquire more blog viewers. Be sure to utilize all the latest social networking sites to help spread the news that you’ve posted to your blog, and include the appropriate buttons somewhere on your blog that lead to your social media accounts. This provides an easy way for your readers to follow you on their favorite social media platforms. 

4. Tag and Categorize Well

A blog that is organized not only helps your visitors find what they are looking for more easily, it also makes your blog look more professional. Ensure that each blog post is slotted for the right category and that it is tagged accordingly. Categorizing provides a way for you to highlight related posts and to optimize your site as well.

5. Add a Comment Section

Providing your readers with a place to comment helps you build connections that can lead to a dynamic relationship. You’ll also solidify your stance as an expert in your field by responding to any comments made on your blog.

Blogging can seem like a lot of extra work when you are already busy. Once you establish a routine, however, you’ll be able to put up a blog post quickly and easily. ER Marketing can help develop the ideal marketing strategy for your building materials company. Reach out to us today to learn more. 

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